by Deirdre Newman March 12, 2019 OC START UPS NOW

It can be challenging sometimes for men to find high-quality streetwear with a clean, edgy, minimalist design using top-notch fabrics and finishes at a fair price, while being so comfortable that they want to live in it.

A new company that hews to the philosophy that clothes should provide “effortless confidence” has launched: Karsan Clothing, with HQ in Costa Mesa.

The founders are Karim Noor and Rahim Karsan. Karsan serves as creative director and Noor serves as the COO. Its clothing line is manufactured in L.A.

The clothing line targets millennials, as well as professionals that want to look “put together, while being on trend with just the right amount of edge,” Noor told OC Startups Now.

The line first launched at the Magic Trade Show for menswear in Las Vegas in early February in the Project N:OW section. It showcased the first four collections, with delivery dates starting now and proceeding to the fall collection that is expected to be available in August.

Noor, said it is “rare” for a startup to display four collections at its first trade show.

The company also recently signed a collaboration agreement with its wholesale representative the Park Showroom, with PR support from Media Playground targeting the demographics of young Hollywood; the media; and influencers/tastemakers.

Karsan Clothing is a B2C and B2B clothing manufacturer. Its BTC is an online e-commerce site. Its BTB channel is via wholesale to specialty stores, boutiques, chain stores. It ultimately intends to sell to major department stores.

Karsan has been in the design industry for more than 20 years and is also a partner in a marketing agency, Blueprint Internet Marketing.

Noor’s brother, Arif Noor, created Clothing for Modern Times, which grew to become a large Canadian retailer under two major brands – Urban Behavior and Costa Blanca.

Karim Noor was part of the executive team that enabled Urban Behavior and Costa Blanca to grow to 350 retail stores. Three years after launching its wholesale division, Karim Noor helped the company reach $42 million in annual sales.

Clothing for Modern Times got hit hard by the recession and by larger retailers entering the market, leading to its demise, Karim Noor said.

After competing in “fast fashion,” which is “hyper-competitive,” the founders of Karsan Clothing wanted to develop a line that they “were truly passionate about,” Karim Noor said. Fast fashion is typically inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

“We wanted to create a clothing line that we loved wearing every day,” he said.

The founders have bootstrapped the company so far, Karim Noor said.

Karim Noor said OC has a “great community base with lots of activities both indoor and outdoor, ranging from beaches to restaurants, which align well to our brand.”

“The consumer base appreciates style, quality, and comfort, which is exactly what our brand is about,” he said.

OC also has some “really great resources” to work with, he added, including print shops, small factories, modeling agencies and tech companies.

The founders also believe that it’s important to make a difference in the lives of children. They actualize this by helping kids develop their confidence, character and inner strength through sports.

So, a portion of every Karsan purchase goes to help underprivileged youth play the sports they love.

That support will be provided by visiting community centers in underprivileged areas and providing the necessary sports equipment to enable kids to get in the game, Karsan said.